Beneath The Floors


Toronto art punks Deliluh have returned with their second album of 2019, Beneath The Floors. Recorded in the same veterans hall five months prior to its sibling record (Oath Of Intent,) Beneath The Floors delves deeper into Deliluh's imagination, and explores stylistic extremes while doing so.

Spoken word passages thread through the ringing clamour of post-punk anthems (Incantessa, Lickspittle: A Nut in the Paste) are juxtaposed by the soft whisper of ballads (Via 5A, Hangman’s Keep) and sinister instrumental passages (Falcon Scott Trail, Con Art Inc.)

The pace is relentless, and pauses between songs are rare. Jarring edits mix with reel-to-reel tape hiss, evoking a not-so-distant (yet forgotten) dream state. Each track leaves the listener dumbfounded and entranced.

Beneath The Floors will be released physically and digitally on November 15th, 2019. The physical run is limited to 100 LP's.

LP purchase comes with MP3 download.