Badge Époque Ensemble
Self Help & S/T - Double LP Pack


Two LP's for one special price!

Self Help is an exploratory record that dances across time and genre, guided by fidgety miniatures and jazz inflected collage. While constructed from the inspiration of soul, funk and film music, BÉE mediate those influences having first digested them through the productions of Madlib & the RZA. Throughout, the band pool together their instrumental chops, moving from fluid and serpentine R&B to meditative, minimalistic piano, evoking a contrast of virtuosity and self-surrender.

Badge Époque Ensemble sold out extremely fast upon its initial release. This is a collection of densely packed grooves, arranged by committee. Dank set pieces culminate in the album's standout, ‘Undressed In Solitude’, which features the otherworldly r ’n b of guest vocalist, James Baley. While it may call to mind an improbable collision between psych-era Stevie Wonder and the whimsically  dark, Fantastic Planet score, it is clear we are operating in a post Wu-Tang paradigm.

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