With Cruisin’, Toronto’s Bernice distils their playful sense of composition resulting in the most affecting collection of their young career. Across fifteen tracks, a special kind of contemporary, jazz-inflected pop unfolds, miraculous for being both fun and musically adventurous, all in the name of emotional resonance.

Throughout their eleven years as a group, working at the intersections of several scenes and spotlights, Bernice have developed an idiosyncratic musical language that feels immediately inviting and wonderfully refreshing. The group’s two previous releases, Eau De Bonjourno (2021) and Puff: In The Air Without A Shape (2018) received generous nods from both Stereogum and Pitchfork, who described the music as “unusually mesmerizing”. With the songcraft a little more crystalline and the vulnerability notched up, Cruisin’ feels like the right record to open Bernice up to a much wider audience.

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