Excellent Condition


Somewhere in the infinite void between synth punk’s glissando and thrash metal’s knee-less jeans lies the confounding group of Toronto noisemakers known simply as Cellphone.

“Excellent Condition,” their debut LP, straddles both genres with an adeptness that belies their age. Things kick off in a frenzy on opener “No Wind In Hell,” with synthesized pulses building tension until the band finally counts into a riff that would make even the most grizzled eighties thrash fan salivate.

Cellphone keep their feet firmly at the listener’s throat for the rest of the album, breaking out synth drones, broken glass guitar solos, two-tonne riffs and bass wah-wah with equal amounts of glee.

If there is a middle ground between Devo and Metallica, then Cellphone have chosen that space to plant their roots. We can only nervously wait and watch as their hostile hybrid plants take over the landscape.

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