Tony Price - Interview / Discount


New York producer Tony Price makes his Telephone Explosion debut with the Interview / Discount LP. Made up of two side-long tracks, the record is an electrifying collision of fractured jazz- concréte and combustible downtown funk that crushes the entire continuum between minimalism and maximalism into a hypnotic wreck of metropolitan sound matter.

Finding inspiration in the quicksilver impressionism of modal jazz, the manic bombast of early electro- funk and the narcotic non-linearity of 1970s minimalism, Price assembled a crew of jazz-funk heavyweights and free-improv wizards and set out to create an auditory representation of the soundscapes of New York City.

“Interview” is a meditative exploration of the tile-
tunnelled labyrinths of NYC’s subway system at
night. Saxophone soliloquies spill around a corner
as a falling constellation of Rhodes tines and
luminous cymbals ricochet against snaking organs.
Vaporous synthesizers spark like short circuiting
cables overhead as a bass clarinets chugs at a Reich-ian pulse astride a locomotive bassline carrying the listener from station to station.

“Discount” is an abstract expressionist splatter of cybernetic jazz-funk. A street-corner cacophony of lashing clavinets, ring modulated Rhodes melt-downs and saxophone confrontations, “Discount” features Acid-fuzz guitars screaming at wah-wah harmonicas with the violent velocity of a Rammellzee spray can as hi-hats crunch like trashcan shrapnel caught in the middle of an alleyway tussle.

Interview / Discount is the fifth full length from Mr. Price in three years. This stretch of albums - from 2017’s I Prefer Coca Cola, through 2018’s Celica Absolu, to 2019’s 86’d and La Vie - is a masterclass in uncouth production techniques, genre-melding and sonic satire. His production expertise has played role in breakthrough and hit records from the likes of U.S. Girls, Young Guv, Ice Cream, the Badge Epoque Ensemble, Miss World, Michael Rault amongst others, on labels like 4AD, Capitol Records, Burger Records, DFA, Slumberland, and Run For Cover and more. In 2017 he founded Maximum Exposure, a record label and creative services unit tasked with providing top notch knob twiddling to the musical underground of the 2020's.

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